Consistent Quality Cleaning Club

We have a special club within our company that recognizes cleaners who have cleaned 3 months without a single complaint.   That may not sound like a great accomplishment but please consider the following facts.


  • In a 3 month period of time, a cleaner will clean between 150 - 200 homes.  

  • Not one single complaint, not even a minor complaint like a smudge on a mirror.

  • This is still retail sales and people are not afraid to tell us if they are not happy

  • We make outbound calls after every initial cleaning to confirm satisfaction

  • We email customers after every recurring service for feedback or concerns

These amazing cleaners have cleaned at the highest level for a duration of 3 months proving not only are they great, but consistent.

Many of our cleaners are repeat award winners, meaning they have gone in some cases, years without a single complaint.  See the giant plaque below.  Each star represents each time they have won this prestigious award.

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