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Work from Home Cleaner

This is the highest paying job in Georgia for Professional Residential Cleaners.

This page is dedicated to the full disclosure on this incredible opportunity.  If it doesn't you can submit your question on the discussion board at the bottom of this page and we will answer them for everyone that visits this page.  

We are Family Oriented and Take Care of our People
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How to Apply:


1.     Read the 6-page Applicant Packet.  Explains pay, requirements, and a general overview of benefits.

        Click here for Team Cleaning   


        Click here for Individual Cleaner "Working from Home"

2.     Want details on our insurance benefits?   Click here for Insurance & Benefit details and costs

3.     Complete the Application   Click here


Apply for Employment

Learn More About the Job

Click a Topic from the list to learn more about the job or just scroll down this page and read them all.  You still need to read the 6-page Applicant packet (Step #1 above) for all the details.  These topics are in addition to that information.

Why do you need us?  It's Maid Day

What a good question.  Let's talk about why you need us and (if you want to really bake your noodle), how about, "When do you need us?"   


  • We are going to teach and train you to become a world class 

Training & Onboarding Schedule

Training & Onboarding

Most maid companies require experience.  We don't because we invest the time and money to train you using Maid Training Academy's certification program.  They are the world leader in home cleaning training. 

Regardless of experience, all cleaners are required to complete Professional Cleaner Certification classes.  This paid training will help you become a world-class home cleaner. 

All new cleaners start with two days of Practical Training During these two days of practical training,  a trainer will be right by your side.  They will demonstrate how to clean a room and then watch/ coach you while you clean.  You typically clean 3-4 houses a day.  During your first two days, you will get one-on-one training for 6-8 houses.  This is usually enough for new cleaners, but if you need more training we are happy to extend the practical training a day or two.  

Once you are assigned to a team, your Team Leader will continue your training by providing you written feedback every day.  Getting your speed to acceptable levels is typically the biggest challenge.  Learning the steps (flow) of getting through a room, and in turn the home, will greatly improve your work speed.  This is NOT about working fast, but you cannot be slow.

Cleaning is not hard if you have the right training and onboarding experience.  

Do you want to see a 12-page Quick Start Guide now?   Click HERE, to get a free copy of the guide.  If you like what you see, continue the process by submitting your application.

Physical Requirements

Physical Requirements

If you have never been a professional house cleaner, there are a few things you should know.


  • You don't have to be young.  Some of our best cleaners are in their 60's

  • This is an active job.  You are constantly moving. 

  • Cleaners report they log between 10,000 - 15,000 steps a day when they are cleaning.  Health experts suggest you get 10,000 steps a day.  You'll get that here.

  • You're NOT going fast, but you sure can't be slow.  Most people struggle at first getting to an appropriate professional work pace.  Find the video below titled "Cleaning a Bathroom" to see the appropriate pace.  It's not fast but notice that she never stops until she is done with the room.

  • You need to eat and snack during the day to fuel your body's increased needs.  This is not optional and it's a rookie mistake.  You are no different from a professional Athlete.  If you don't eat during the day, you will not make it through the day with the energy you need to do a good job and be safe.

  • You will be bending and getting down on one knee throughout the home.

  • The most physical part of this job is running the vacuum cleaner, followed by mopping floors

  • Some of the homes require extended scrubbing like getting soap scum or stains off tubs and showers

  • You will sweat.  Our company shirts are NewEra sport shirts, they breathe and are very comfortable 

  • You will carry equipment and supplies into a home, and up and down stairs

  • It may take you a month before you physically feel like you can do this job.  Watch the video below, straight from our cleaner's own mouth.  Once your body gets used to this work, it gets much easier and you can do this work for as long as you want.  

This is not just a job, it's a career path.

Career Path

If you are looking for a career, you will be very happy to see that we provide a well-defined career path. 

Click here to see the career path and detailed job descriptions for all positions.

A place Professional Cleaners call home

Professional Cleaners Home

It's hard to believe a place exists that focuses on the success and happiness of its workers.   Believe it now. 


We have built a cleaning company that puts our people first in everything we do.  By putting our people first, our customers get the best maid service in Georgia.  It's just that simple.  Last year we cleaned over 7,000 Georgia homes from 3 different offices in Kennesaw, Duluth, and Stone Mountain making us the largest maid service company in Georgia.  

If you have cleaning experience, you will find many of the problems experienced by other cleaning companies or even by yourself, have been solved.  Our goal is to constantly improve so we can always say "We are the best place to work for Professional Cleaners".

We work with our people to reach common goals.  Our people are involved in company decisions.  We keep everyone in the loop.  We listen, and we respond.  

And yes, we pay more than anyone else.  That's important and we work hard every day to pay our people more than anyone else in the industry.  We want our people to stay so compensation and benefits are important.

For these reasons and many more, the best Professional Cleaners in Georgia call It's Maid Day their home.  

Big $ Bonuses for Quality

Quality Bonus

Earn bonuses if you get no complaints in 3 months.  $100, the first time, $500 the next 3 times in a year.  That's a total of $1,600 a year in bonuses.  We already pay more than any other maid service, and on top of that, we reward cleaners who perform at the highest level.  We will teach you how to avoid complaints.  Once you learn, it becomes easy to earn bonuses every 3 months.  These cleaners earned $500 bonuses and so can you.

Jaleesa $500 1st time.png
Kathy N $500.jpg
Michelle P $500 A.jpg

$500 Bonus after 90 days

$500 Bonus after 90 days

Being a Professional House Cleaner is not easy.  Even if you have experience, you will learn and grow with us.  This bonus is earned because you have gone through the hardest part of the job.  Learning how we clean and learning the life of a Professional Cleaner is not easy.  Also at 90 days, you have also demonstrated that you are someone who is dependable and reliable.  In other words, you have proven that you are exactly the person we are looking for.

Careers & Employment

Careers & Employment
Cleaning a Bathroom
Play Video

Cleaning a Bathroom

The Condition of Homes we Clean
Play Video

The Condition of Homes we Clean

Best Advice for New Cleaners
Play Video

Best Advice for New Cleaners

Do you like working at It's Maid Day?
Play Video

Do you like working at It's Maid Day?

Cleaner Videos
Resignation Letter
Lisa Bullock resignation letter.jpg
Lisa Johnson.png

Our goal is to be the best employer in the business.  A great test of that goal is how people feel when they move on to other opportunities.

We are honored to work with some of the best people on the planet. Lisa, you were awesome when you worked with us and you will be awesome wherever you go.  We are glad to have been part of your journey.

Lisa Bullock
Team Leader 2015-2018

Territory Map (Where we Clean)

Territory Map

We have three service areas, serviced by three different offices (red stars) in Kennesaw, Duluth, and Stone Mountain.

Territory Map for all Offices.jpg

We are Family Oriented and Take Care of our People

Family Oriented

Anyone can say they're family-oriented but we put it in writing.  

  • Guaranteed Pay/Work

    • Every person needs dependable pay, even more so with a family.  We're the only company that guarantees a full schedule.  If a customer cancels or you have a slow week, you still get paid a full week.

  • No jobs scheduled to end after 4:30 

    • Last job (house) will end between 4:00 & 4:30 so you're home at a decent time to be with your family​

    • Other maid companies work you until 5:00 (or later) which means you don't get back to the office until 5:00-5:30 or later, which makes it stressful to get to daycare and home on time.

    • We get you back to the office between 4:30-5:00 so you can get kids from daycare and be home earlier than other companies.  That is critically important to people with children.

  • Full-Time cleaners get 20 days (4 weeks or 160 hours) off your first year 

    • Full-Time employees can earn up to 6 weeks of time off

    • Part-Time employees get unlimited time off​ (pre-approved, not call outs)

  • Paid Time off

    • You can earn 3 days of paid time at 6 months

    • 1 week (40 hours) paid after one year, 2 weeks after two years, and 3 weeks after three years

  • We don't count the following absences against your time off

    • If schools close and you need to stay home with your children

    • If your daycare closes

    • Death in the family, and other life events outside of your control, up to 5 days

  • Team Leaders can drive the company car home, if they want to, for no cost

    • Some families share a car, so having a no-expense car to get to and from work is amazing

      • We do not charge the Team Leader anything, not even gas, to drive the car home 

      • You can stop at daycare and/or grocery store (Cannot drive company car at night or weekends) 

  • Insurance benefits for families and individuals

    • We provide affordable insurance benefits like Dental and Vision insurance for individuals & families

    • FREE Life Insurance covers every worker 24/7 at $25,000 for illness and $50,000 for accidents.  

    • Click here for Insurance details and costs

  • We are genuinely nice people and we care about all of our cleaners and office staff, like family

    • Life is short and we believe having a positive and encouraging work environment is important

    • We are happy people. This is hard work but we have fun with it. Everyone makes mistakes, but we learn from them and move on. We encourage each other and expect high performance through team and individual performance.

    • Our goal is to train people to become world-class cleaners, but we know how to do that in a positive and encouraging environment.  That helps to reduce stress which helps the family in many ways.

  • We are grateful for the hard work and dedication to quality

    • You will hear "Thank You" a lot here.  We truly appreciate everyone on our team and you will hear it often.  We do little things to show our appreciation so you are constantly reminded how important you are to us and to your customers.

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