1. What's the difference between a Spring Clean & Deluxe?

    1. ​​​On a Spring Cleaning we hand wash your baseboards, blinds, window sills, wet wipe ceiling fans and all of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  On a Deluxe we "DUST" your baseboards blinds, window sills, and ceiling fans. But always wet wipe all your Kitchen cabinets and appliances

    2. If you haven't had your baseboard and blinds washed in the past year, dusting alone may not be enough to get them to look good.  They still may look dirty and dingy if we only dust them.

    3. Dust will stick to things like baseboards and blinds and you will need a wet rag to pull the dust off. 

    4. In Georgia we have a lot of humidity and that causes dust to stick

  1. What do you clean?

    1. We have a checklist of over 70 items we clean.  This checklist is on our website, emailed with the prices and is left behind after every cleaning.

    2. So what we clean and HOW we clean, depends on the cleaning package you select

    3. What are your concerns?


  1. Spring Clean required

    1. Base on the answers on your pricing tool, I am very concerned about having us do anything but a Spring Cleaning

    2. You mentioned (whatever got loads) and the only way to get those areas clean is with a Spring Clean

    3. If we do a Deluxe cleaning your baseboards and blinds they are still going to look dirty and dingy and you are not going to be happy.  When baseboards get lots of dust the only way to get them completely dust free is to wipe them down, using a wet rag and on our hands and knees.  With Georgia humidity, dust will stick to the baseboards.  The same goes with your blinds.  If they have similar dust like your baseboards they are going to need hand wiping and that takes more time. 

    4. So our greatest concern, is your complete happiness.