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Welcome to It's Maid Day,

It's Maid Day is the largest and fastest-growing maid company in Georgia. We cleaned over 7,000 Atlanta metro homes last year, from offices in Kennesaw, Duluth, and Stone Mountain.

We are looking for someone with experience in Dispatching Field Technicians and Customer Service. Although this is a remote job, we only hire people who live in Georgia.

Full-Time Schedule: Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM. (8 hours)

Pay: Starting pay is $19-$22 an hour based on experience. Increases every year by at least $1 until you reach $25/hr, and then increases based on merit.

Work From Home: We will provide a computer, two monitors, a computer camera, softphone headset. You have to pick up your equipment from our Kenesaw office. We will interview remotely using our video meeting system.

Benefits: We provide a broad range of benefits including Dental, Vision, Paid Vacation, Company paid Life Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability plans, 401(k), just to name a few. You can review our benefits on our employment page. (We do not offer Major Medical but we do offer Hospital & Medical coverage based on the incident.)

Skills and Requirements to apply for this position:

  • Must have experience in dispatching service technicians.

  • Must be able to think quickly through logistical problems to reassign field techs based on multiple conditions and customer restrictions.

  • CSR experience required, we will verify previous employment

  • Work from Home experience

  • Type 35+ words a minute. We use the free website "" to test applicants. Try it now to see how fast you type. We will test.

  • Ability to multi-task using multiple software programs while talking with Customers. We use Dual Monitors

  • Learn and follow written scripts for common questions and situations

  • Pass a criminal background check

  • Great attendance. You do get 20 days off a year which is about 2 days a month. If you need more time than that then please do not apply. In your second year, you get 25 days off and in 4 years you get 30 days off.

  • Upbeat, happy, pro-customer disposition. Positive energy and attitude are mandatory. We employ high-energy people with a sense of urgency.

  • Problem Solver

  • Working knowledge of Excel. High comfort level with learning software and operating systems, Logic-based decision making, and planning. In other words, you are very organized, proactive, and can manage a project from begging to end.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Every morning adjust the schedule for all three offices within 30-45 minutes looking at time off, calls outs, customer cancelations, drive time requirements to jobs, and multiple other factors

  • 40+ inbound calls a day. 80+ outbound calls a day

  • On the phone 4-5 hours a day

  • Help New Customers complete our online Pricing Tool found on our website

  • Answer questions about Cleaning Packages

  • Set up New Customers in our operating system

  • Take calls from Current Customers regarding rescheduling, changes, or complaints

  • Phone support for Cleaning Teams in the field

  • Admin Support on other projects. You are assigned other responsibilities to mix it up so it's not 100% CSR. Tasks include Payroll reporting, Deposits and closing out work orders, and Research Projects.


If you have the skills required for this job, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our website to submit your application and resume.

Office Setting: There is 4 office staff including the owner and they all work remotely.  We are a team and work closely together.  Lots of Zoom calls and video conferencing.  It's fun and a challenge because we continue to grow the business by 30% a year. We are goal-oriented and results-driven. Although you are part of a team, you will work closely with the owner.  

Company Culture:  We are happy people. This is hard work but we have fun with it.  We encourage each other and expect high performance through team and individual performance.  We are in the service industry so there is always some stress dealing with customers and service providers (Maids/Cleaners).  We put it all into perspective and at the end of the day we know it's just house cleaning, it's just that simple.

Benefits: We provide a broad range of benefits including Dental, Vision, Paid Vacation, Company paid Life Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability plans, Flex Spending, just to name a few. You can review our benefits on our employment page. WE DO NOT OFFER A MEDICAL PLAN. Most people can manage that expense on their own at a lower price than a group major medical plan.  Click here for Insurance & Benefit details and costs

How to apply:


1.    Check your typing speed by taking the free online test. We use  Take the 3-minute medium typing test before proceeding.  You need a minimum of 35 wpm to be considered for this job and a target of 45 or higher is best.

2.    Read the job description for Account Manager (Customer Service).   Click here for a Detailed Job Description

3.    Complete the Application.  Click here

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