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Employment Forms & Onboarding

The following forms are required from all new hires before they can start employment.  

Employees can make changes to their tax forms but must submit them through the office.

Click on the links below for the form.  

Additional Forms if Needed or Requested

Employee Handbook (Print DOUBLE-sided) - check printer settings each time

Shirt & Mask Purchase form

Steps in Onboarding New Employee 

When you offer the job:

  • Go over the packet with the employee.  Highlight the employee required section using a pen and placing an X next to the sections or drawing a line from top to bottom of section

  • Get a copy of Social Security Card or Birth Certifivate

  • Get a copy of picture ID, either a Driver's license or State ID, or Passport

  • If non-resident, make a copy of Alien/Non-Resident ID

  • Check the employee paperwork to make sure they completed everything correctly

  • Put paperwork, including copies of documents into employee file, and put it in a locked drawer until the employees first day

Complete the following on the cleaner's first day (No Friday start dates)

  • Run E-Verify


    • Print off report and put it in employee file (manilla folder with full name on tab)

  • Complete Employer section for

    • Paychex forms​

    • I-9 form (section 2)

  • Run Background check

  • Email documents to Paychex and IMD contacts

    • See details below​

Email Completed forms to Paychex and IMD contacts on their first day of employment

Documents Emailed:

  • Paychex forms including W-2, Direct Deposit, and the pages that have disclaimers. The complete packet.

  • GA Tax Form

Email scanned in forms to Paychex, with CC to Bruce and Tiffany

Paychex Contact for new employee paperwork is Kapers Murphy:

Email Subject:  (Employee Name) starts (MM/DD/YY)

Email message:   Thanks

Tiffany will complete the following  (If Tiffany is out, Bruce will complete these steps)

  • Enter new employee in BambooHR that day.

  • Add to ServiceCEO that day

Time Lines to complete everything

  • No Friday starts

  • New employee cannot start if we don't have signed forms

    • Direct Deposit is the only exception.  It must be submitted to Paychex no later than Monday for that Friday's pay.

  • Area Manager runs E-Verify no later than the day before they start

  • Employee's first day: 

    • Wait to see if the person shows up.  If they do, then do the following

      • It costs us money just to have Paychex enter them into the system​

    • Email Forms to Paychex​, and office before the new employee leaves the office

    • Office enters new employee in ServiceCEO & BambooHR that day.

  • The day after they start
    • Area Manager runs background check at the end of the day.  Some new employees don't show up the second day.  New employees are with someone the first two days and then classroom training the 3rd day, so we have the time to wait.

    • Accounts Receivable Manager closes out the work orders for the previous day.  If the employee is not entered into ServiceCEO she cannot add them to the work order for payroll reporting

  • Check email for notification of background check completion

    • Review right away without delay​

Document Storage

  • Place all documents including the completed I-9 form (back side completed by Area Manager) in a yellow file folder.  

  • Place name on file folder tab

  • File in locked cabinet

  • Bruce will collect these at least once a month, review them for completeness, and bring them back to the Kennesaw office.

  • Computers that receive forms must be secured by passwords

    • Do not share your password with anyone except Bruce

    • New employees cannot use the Area Manager log-in credentials to do testing.  They have to have their own log into the Guest log-in. ​

Overview of Paperwork 

Each document is reviewed with instructions and common mistakes

View this video in full-screen mode so you can see the forms and follow along.

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