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Training Videos - Cleaners

After you watch the video(s) below, use the form to submit confirmation that you watched the video in full.  Do NOT skip through any of these important videos.

When you submit the confirmation form below include the name of the video you watched.  You will get paid for these classes if you submit this form and include the name of the video class.

Confirmation Form

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Service Fusion app Training

Expand the screen so the video takes up your entire screen

Service Fusion is the operating system we use to manage our business and provide work order details to all cleaners.  You need to know how this app works to do your job.

Please watch this 30-minute video.  You will be paid for your time.  Don't fast forward.  Watch all of it.  

Complete and submit this form once you finish.  This will alert your Area Manager and our Payroll Department.  In the Message section type "Watched Service Fusion" and click Send.

Every cleaner will have their own login credentials.  Do not share them.  Your login credentials should be emailed to you prior to taking this class.  If you have not received this email contact your Area Manager.  Login to your Service Fusion app before watching this video so you can follow along with the instructions in this video.   Thanks

Expand the screen so the video takes up your entire screen
Thanks for watching
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