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Quality Control

Quality Control is an important part of any service provider.  We use the following control measures

  • Extensive vetting of all applicants before hiring

    • Less than 5% of all applicants get past our initial review and less than 2% get hired.

  • We only hire Certified Professional Cleaners.  

    • If they are not certified, we pay for them to get certified.

  • Full-Time Performance Coach and Field Inspector

    • A field supervisor that conducts random audits, post cleaning and on-site inspections

  • We call all customers the day after their cleaning to make sure they are satisfied

    • We call the day after to give customers enough time to inspect their home​

  • We contact all customers after every cleaning to make sure they are happy

    • We send an email after every cleaning asking for feedback ​on their recent cleaning

  • Weekly Staff meetings with all cleaners to discuss cleaning and customer service

    • Quality Control is not a destination but a journey and we constantly re-train and coach​

  • All cleaners clock in and out of jobs to monitor how much time was spent in the home

    • GPS driven software to verify our cleaners are spending the appropriate amount of time in the home​

  • Full-Time Customer Support Team for customers and cleaners

    • We are here for our customers as well as our cleaners.  ​

    • We have a team of office staff to provide prompt attention to any question or concern

    • Open Mon-Fri 7:00 - 5:00 and Sat 9:00 - 12:00

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