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Insurance & Trust

Never take someone's verbal confirmation they are insured.   

It is important and prudent to ask any cleaning company to provide you with a Certificate Of Insurance.  The Certificate of Insurance is a one-page overview of the coverage.  There may be several certificates depending on how many insurance companies used to underwrite the coverage.

When looking at the certificate, make sure to do the following:  

  • Check the name of the insured.  

    • Does it match the name of your cleaning service?

  • Check the Policy Effective Date and Expiration date.  

    • Make sure it is current.

  • Call the insurance company to confirm the policy is still active.   

    • Really?   Oh yes.  Certificates are provided with the first month's payment.  If the policy lapses for non-payment, the maid service still has the document showing a full year of coverage.

    • The phone number is printed at the top of the page and these calls happen all the time and so the process is just a few minutes to confirm.  ​

  • Look for all these Insurance Policies

    • Works Compensation​

    • General Liability

    • Theft / Bond

Click here for a copy of our Certificate of Insurance

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Online, Easy & Just a few minutes.

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