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Meet Your Maids

We have the privilege to represent the finest cleaners in Georgia.  Scroll down the page, enter your home zip code to unlock the professionals in your area.


Our awesome cleaners have the option to work anywhere and we are honored they have chosen It's Maid Day.  We receive thousands of applications a year because we have a reputation, among Maids, for being the best place to work in Georgia. 

  • All employees pass National and Regional background checks

    • Most cleaning services run a national supercriminal search that does NOT pick up local misdemeanors which include theft, drug charges, domestic violence, and other charges.​

  • All employees pass a Drug Test  

    • Not common in the industry.  Believe it or not.

  • 100% of our cleaners are Certified Professional Cleaners by Maid Training Academy

    • The World Leader in residential maid service.  Students in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America.

    • Classes and Exams on nearly 200 pages of reading, plus video training.

    • Additional Paid Training by It's Maid Day, including classes and exams

    • Total of 400 exam questions 

  • Full-Time Performance Coach that works with our cleaners every day to keep skills sharp

    • All great teams have great coaches.  

Ready to Meet Your Maids?

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