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Spring Clean (Deep Cleaning)

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you probably need a Spring Clean.  If you answer YES to two or more of these questions, then you definitely need a Spring Clean.

Q:  Do you have heavy soap scum or stains in any shower or tub?

Q:  Do any of your kitchen cabinets have food spots on 50% or more of your cabinets?

Q:  Are any of your baseboards dirty or have lots of dust?

Q:  Are your window blinds, dirty, dingy or have lots of dust?

Q:  Do you have lots of cob webs (spider webs)?

Q:  Has it been more than a year since you last wet wiped clean your cabinets, baseboard, blinds, ceiling fans?

Bi-Weekly vs. Monthly service


Bi-Weekly Service is the most popular cleaning frequency in the industry.  The industry average of customers: 


Weekly - 5%

Bi-Weekly - 70%

Monthly - 25%


Monthly service (every 4 weeks) is a great option and is trending with new customers.  Although Bi-Weekly service is a lower cost per cleaning, Monthly service is a much lower overall cost per month compared to two and sometimes three cleanings a month with Bi-Weekly.   


If you answer Yes to any of these questions, Monthly service may be your best choice.


Q:  Do you want a break once a month so you can have a weekend to yourself?


Q:  Would you like a professional to clean places you may not, or cannot, reach during your normal cleaning routine?


Q:  Would you like a professional to vacuum and mop ALL your floors once a month? 


Q:  No kids living at home, so your home just doesn't get that dirty?


Q:  Are you looking for the most cost-effective cleaning plan?


Remove rooms that are seldom used

Do you have a bedroom or bathroom that gets little to no use?  Don't pay to clean a clean room.  And whenever you want us to clean that room, just add it on the day of your cleaning.  Just leave a note for the maids.  

Consider a CORE cleaning for 20% discount over our Deluxe clean

This cleaning plan is a popular option to the Deluxe Clean because it focuses on the CORE and often hardest  rooms / areas to clean and is discounted 20% below our Deluxe Clean. 


The areas included in the Core Cleaning:

  • Kitchen and the adjacent dining area (kitchen table and chairs) not the formal Dining Room 

  • All Bathrooms

  • One additional room (Often the Family Room or Master Bedroom)

  • Vacuum and Mop all floors throughout the home including stairs 

For more information on a CORE cleaning package click here

Alternate plans on Bi-Weekly or Weekly service

Some customers find savings by alternating plans.  Consider the following cycles:


  • Alternate floors or rooms

    • Alternate the basement to every other cleaning

      • If your basement doesn't get much use, have us clean the basement every other time

  • Alternate between Deluxe and Core cleaning (20% savings)

    • Great option to get the entire home cleaned once a month and the Kitchen, Bathrooms, Master Bedroom and ALL Floors vacuumed and mopped, every time we clean.  

Buy Blocks of Time and tell us what you want cleaned

Some homeowners have unique cleaning needs that may not require the full list of cleaning tasks associated with our  standard cleaning packages.  For smaller cleaning needs, consider purchasing Blocks of Time, based on what you wantclean, and the condition of your home.  You can also set up recurring service for Blocks of Time. 

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