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We will bonus your cleaners $10 for every favorable online review.  It's like tipping for free :-)

You can post a new review after every cleaning to bonus your team again.

If we have not provided 5-Star service, please call us 770-790-4979 for immediate assistance.

Click the name of the review sites to go directly to our review page.  After you post your review(s), please let us know by emailing  Thanks again for this huge favor.


You need a Gmail (email) to post a review.  Don't have one?  They're easy to set up. 

Angie's List

You do NOT need an account with Angie's List, but they will call you to confirm your review.

(You can also call in your review, (866) 986-5478.   Our Service Provider ID is 7472261)


You need a Facebook account

Better Business Bureau

No account needed.  The BBB added customer reviews in 2019.  Help us build our reviews :-)


Yelp does not recognize all reviews.  You have to be an active Yelp'er for positive reviews to count.  We have over 30 reviews with 5-stars from customers, but Yelp doesn't count them. They hide these reviews until the person becomes a Yelp'er with lots of reviews and friends, or if they have something negative to post.  We have 1 bad review for every year since we got listed with Yelp.  All those bad reviews count regardless of their status with Yelp.

So, if you are a Yelp'er, please post a review.  Your cleaning team will receive a bonus if Yelp counts your review.

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Post to any review site and we will bonus your cleaners.  Just tell us where we can find the review. 

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