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Individual or Team cleaning
Your Choice

We are the only maid service that gives you a choice between Individual or Team cleaning.

There are advantages to each choice, depending on what you like.

Regardless of whether it's a Team of cleaners or an Individual, 

  • The Price is the same

  • They're real employees, not 1099 sub-contractors, so they're all Bonded & Insured, and background checked.

  • They're all Certified Professional Cleaners by Maid Training Academy, the world leader in training home cleaners.

  • Your satisfaction is always guaranteed

Now, here are the differences.

  • Team Cleaning gets done faster because there are 2 or 3 cleaners on the job, compared to an Individual Cleaner.  If your recurring service is 2 hours with a team 2 cleaners, then an individual cleaner will be in your home 4 hours.​​

  • A team can schedule up to 4 customers a day with arrival times of 8:30, 10:30, 1:00, and 3:00 

    • An individual cleaner cleans 2 houses a day at 8:30 and 1:00

  • A team has 35-40 recurring customers.

    • An individual has just 20 customers, so they get to know your home a little better and faster because they have fewer customers.​

  • A team has a mix of Senior Cleaners and New Cleaners

    • An individual cleaner is always a Senior Cleaner and must have extensive house cleaning experience.

    • ​Individuals are required to work for us on a team first so we can evaluate their work and their attendance.  The minimum requirement, regardless of experience is 6 months so we can evaluate their attendance and quality consistency.

      • A person with poor attendance or inconsistent cleaning cannot become an Individual cleaner​

  • An Individual Cleaner is our highest paying job because they work from home, and drive their own car, so we can pay them about $4 more an hour, without impacting the price customers pay for service.  That is why Team Cleaning and Individual cleaning are priced the same.

  • Our turnover rate of Individual C​leaners is much lower than team cleaners in part because they are paid more and they are seasoned veterans who have made a decision that house cleaning is their long-term career. 

    • And because they are more experienced they tend to be a little more mature.  All of our Individual Cleaners are over the age of 30 with a median age of 44.  The median age of our team cleaners is 31.

  • Team schedules change when one person on the team calls out, or has time off, resulting in different teams cleaning your home about 25%-50% of the time.  This is true with all maid companies that use teams.

    • An individual cleaner is the same person cleaning your home 75%-100% of the time and if you desire, we can reschedule your cleaning when your cleaner has a day off to the next availability of your Individual Cleaner.

    • Plus, Indiviual Cleaners have a track record of not exceeding our time off policy as a requirement for that position.

  • Individual Cleaners are cleaners that have more experience and are our highest-rated cleaners by customers. They are cleaners who have chosen house cleaning as their profession.

  • Individual Cleaners are only available for recurring service.  Initial Cleanings like Spring Cleaning, or Occasional Deluxe / CORE cleaning are too big for just one cleaner.

  • Many of our Teams are run by seasoned cleaners, with great reviews and good attendance so our Teams still provide high-quality cleaning, so you will be happy with either option.

Regardless of your choice, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

And when your cleaner does have a day off or calls out sick, regardless if it's a team or individual, we can usually get another team or person to clean your home, so your service should have no or limited interruptions.

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