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Watch Us Clean

Watch our cleaners working in real customer's home.  We are the only maid service that posts actual cleaners cleaning an actual customer's home. 

It's Maid Day is a Founding Corporate Member of Maid Training Academy, the largest online school for Residential Maids, with students and maid service companies in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  It's Maid Day cleaners are featured on their website and these videos are used to train maids all over the world.  

What more would you want from your maids, than the world's best?   Click Here to Schedule today!

These videos are instructional in nature, and have narration.  


Family Room

Window Blinds

Window Blinds
Bathroom Counters
with lots of Toiletries
Doors & Door Frames
Wet Wiping Doors & Door Frames
Move-In/Out + Refrigerator Cleaning
( Inside Refrigerator starts at 40:13 )
Making Beds &
Changing Duvet Covers
Recurring Toilet Ring
Top 3 Solutions Tested
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