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Cleaning Products & Equipment

Customers have choices in cleaning products.  

Although it's not required, we are happy to use your products and equipment.  Just tell us where you store it and any special instructions.

Most customers choose our products because it's included in the price and more importantly because we use the best products in the cleaning industry.  No other maid company shares this information with customers.  We love talking about what we use because it proves that we put quality first. 

Floor Cleaner

MB-1 is It's Maid Day floor cleaner - The best floor cleaner on the market

Flooring experts agree that "MB-1" is one of the best floor cleaners on the market.  It retails for $36 a gallon.  


You want the best solutions on your floors and we provide this world class solution at no additional cost for our customers

Here is the description as found on the manufacturers website. 



It maintains a natural streek-free look on marble, granite, ceramic, hardwood and any other hard surface not harmed by water.  It is rinse-free and leaves no dulling film.  Special organic salts in its formula act as moisturizers thus preventing natural stone from drying out.


It also contains optical brighteners to enhance the finish of the surfaces on which it's used.  

Dusting Spray

We use Endust - certified allergy friendly

Endust free is considered one of the best dusting sprays.

It is also one of the most expensive dusting sprays, in part, because it is specially designed to remove allergens and does not leave a lingering heavy smell, which most customers appreciate.

Here is the description as found on their website.

Our hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free furniture spray is designed to reduce allergens on surfaces and in the air. Specially formulated with less-irritating ingredients and free of perfumes and fragrances, Endust Free Dusting & Cleaning Spray will quickly and easily pick up dust and remove allergens, fingerprints and smudges from just about anywhere in your house. Certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Powder Cleanser

Bar Keepers Friend - Cleanser & Polish

Bar Keepers Friend is world famous as a premium cleaner that also polishes ceramic and stainless steel.  See before & after.

Here is the description as found on their website.

Premium cleaning power for any stain on any non-porous surface. As a bleach-free product, it is an ideal stainless steel cleaner and can easily remove rust, tarnish, mineral deposits, and tough stains.

Bar Keepers Friend starts with a plant-based solution. As you clean, oxalic acid—found naturally in plants like rhubarb—works at a molecular level, breaking the bonds that hold rust and lime stains together. Then micro-scrubbing particles remove deposits and gently polish the surface. You get a great clean without worrying about harsh ingredients.

Hill Manufacturing

  • All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Oxy-Clean

  • Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner

We are proud to buy locally.  We purchase many of our general cleaning products from Hill Manufacturing, an 85 year old, family owned company, based in Atlanta.  

Bleach & Water

Clorox for mold control and tough stains

A name families have trusted for over 100 years.

Although used in limited areas, our bleach & water solution is great for mold control and stubborn stains.  We ask all customers during their "Set-Up Service" call if they are ok with us using bleach and water in the home.

Our Vacuums

Sanitaire by Electrolux - It's Maid Day

We use the finest commercial vacuum cleaners in the industry.  Sanitaire by Electrolux is known for quality results.  


We use odor eliminating vacuum bags with premium allergen filtration.

Soft cloth BUMPERS to protect your baseboards, furniture and other items from getting marks, chips or damage. VacumBumper is the premier protection system in the industry.  We care about our customer's home.

Sanitaire vacuum with Bumper Guards
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