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Employment - Cleaning

Largest in Georgia because we're the best employer for professional house cleaners. 
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2 pay increases your first year !!!
$16 - $18 an hour cleaning
Plus Tips & Bonuses
$16/hr cleaning - Starting Pay 
$17/hr cleaning - at 6 months
$18/hr cleaning - at 12 months

Transition to Team Leader or Work From Home
$18 - $22 an hour cleaning
Plus Tips & Bonuses 
$18/hr cleaning - Starting Pay 
$19/hr cleaning - at 6 months
$20/hr cleaning - at 12 months

Increases up to $22/hr based on performance and attendance
$20 - $30 an hour cleaning
Plus Tips & Bonuses
$20/hr cleaning - Starting Pay 
$21/hr cleaning - at 6 months
$22/hr cleaning - at 12 months

Increases up to $30/hr based on performance and attendance
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    (3 months of training before you can apply)

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Learn More About the Job

Requirements to get hired

Requirements to get hired

If you meet our requirements, we'll hire you.

  • Live within 40 minutes from one of our service centers in Kennesaw, Duluth, & Stone Mountain

  • Pass a criminal background check

  • Move at a good pace   (We will test at the face-to-face interview, vacuum test, mirror cleaning)

  • Can easily bend down and go to one knee   (We will test at the face-to-face interview)

  • Coachability - Can follow instructions   (We will test at the face-to-face interview)

  • Work experience that shows you stay at least 6 months at most of your previous jobs   (We will verify)

  • Pleasant personality and can get along with others.  

Training & Onboarding Schedule

Training & Onboarding

Most maid companies require experience.  We don't because we invest the time and money to train you.  All cleaners regardless of experience get up to 5 days of paid training.  No other maid company invests this much in their cleaners, and that's just one example of how we're the best employer for professional cleaners.


Day 1 & 2:  Practical Training.  All new cleaners start with two days of Practical Training.  During these two days of practical training, a trainer will be right by your side.  They will demonstrate how to clean a room and then watch & coach you while you clean.  We typically clean 3-4 houses a day so in two days you will get one-on-one training for 6-8 houses.  If you have experience, you may only need one day of practical training before you start your classroom training.

We're looking for Work Speed and Coachability. 


Work speed is seldom a problem but you have to learn our steps (our flow) through a home.  Speed is not about how fast you move, it's mostly about knowing the steps and transitioning to the next cleaning task without stopping.  So really, this is about learning how to be a professional cleaner, which in turn, gets your speed where it needs to be.  And never sacrifice quality for speed, and you don't have to.  We'll teach you the most efficient way to clean so your energy stays high all day.  You don't have to work yourself to death, so going too fast is a problem too.

Coachability is super important.  We will teach you but you have to remember and execute exactly how we teach you.  Anyone can learn to be a great cleaner if you can retain the information and then deliver.  Details are very important and we will teach you how to be a detailed cleaner.

Scroll down this page to watch one of our cleaners cleaning a bathroom.  This is the speed we need.  It doesn't look fast but it sure ain't slow and watch her transition from one task to another without interruptions.  Fast forward the video to about 9 minutes in and watch about 10 minutes of the video.  (This video was produced prior to COVID so this cleaner is not wearing a mask or gloves. All cleaners are required to wear masks and gloves.)

What we are looking for on your first 2 days of practical training is "Does this person have what it takes to be a good cleaner?"  We can tell pretty quickly if you have the raw talent we need.  Most people have it.  But, if we don't see it, we know it won't be a good fit and your employment will end.

Do you like cleaning and do you want to continue?  If you have no experience, we will ask you if you think this is something you want to do for a while?  Our goal is to hire people who like/love to clean, but most people don't know if they really like to clean "professionally" until they try it.  After a few days you will know what it's all about for the most part.  We clean houses.  That's what we do.

Day 3:  Maid Training Academy's certification program.  They are the world leader in home cleaning training.  This 8-hour program includes two classes both 4 hours long.  95% of all people pass this class.  It's not hard but it is a lot of information.  Everything you learn in these classes we use every day to clean houses.

Regardless of experience, all cleaners are required to complete Professional Cleaner Certification classes.  This paid training will help you become a world-class home cleaner.   If you have experience, you will be surprised how much you learn.  Most veteran cleaners say about 30% of the information was new to them and very valuable.  Like we say, if you're good, we'll make you better.

Day 4:  Practical Training.   More practical training using what you learned in your certification classes.  This is a little less one on one than your first two days but we check on you often to make sure you are staying on track.  And always there for any questions or problems. 

Day 5:  Internal Classes.   Back in the classroom to learn more about It's Maid Day,  Products we use, cleaning Packages, and other Procedures.  We call it the PPP class.  Plus an Ethics class, Employee Handbook class, and a Safety Class.

Day 6:  Assigned to a Team.  Once you are assigned to a team, your Team Leader will continue your training by providing you written feedback every day.  Getting your speed to acceptable levels is typically the biggest challenge.  Learning the steps (flow) of getting through a room, and in turn the home, will greatly improve your work speed.  This is NOT about working fast, but you cannot be slow.

Cleaning is not hard if you have the right training and onboarding experience.  

Do you want to see a 12-page Quick Start Guide now?   Click HERE, to get a free copy of the guide.  If you like what you see, continue the process by submitting your application.

Physical Requirements

Physical Requirements

If you have never been a professional house cleaner, there are a few things you should know.


  • You don't have to be young.  Some of our best cleaners are in their 60's

  • This is an active job.  You are constantly moving. 

  • Cleaners report they log between 10,000 - 15,000 steps a day when they are cleaning.  Health experts suggest you get 10,000 steps a day.  You'll get that here.

  • You're NOT going fast, but you sure can't be slow.  Most people struggle at first getting to an appropriate professional work pace.  Find the video below titled "Cleaning a Bathroom" to see the appropriate pace.  It's not fast but notice that she never stops until she is done with the room.

  • You need to eat and snack during the day to fuel your body's increased needs.  This is not optional and it's a rookie mistake.  You are no different from a professional Athlete.  If you don't eat during the day, you will not make it through the day with the energy you need to do a good job and be safe.

  • You will be bending and getting down on one knee throughout the home.

  • The most physical part of this job is running the vacuum cleaner, followed by mopping floors

  • Some of the homes require extended scrubbing like getting soap scum or stains off tubs and showers

  • You will sweat.  Our company shirts are NewEra sport shirts, they breathe and are very comfortable 

  • You will carry equipment and supplies into a home, and up and down stairs

  • It may take you a month before you physically feel like you can do this job.  Watch the video below, straight from our cleaner's own mouth.  Once your body gets used to this work, it gets much easier and you can do this work for as long as you want.  

A place Professional Cleaners call home

Professional Cleaners Home

It's hard to believe a place exists that focuses on the success and happiness of its workers.   Believe it now. 


We have built a cleaning company that puts our people first in everything we do.  By putting our people first, our customers get the best maid service in Georgia.  It's just that simple.  Last year we cleaned over 7,000 Georgia homes from 3 different offices in Kennesaw, Duluth, and Stone Mountain making us the largest maid service company in Georgia.  

If you have cleaning experience, you will find many of the problems experienced by other cleaning companies or even by yourself, have been solved.  Our goal is to constantly improve so we can always say "We are the best place to work for Professional Cleaners".

We work with our people to reach common goals.  Our people are involved in company decisions.  We keep everyone in the loop.  We listen, and we respond.  

And yes, we pay more than anyone else.  That's important and we work hard every day to pay our people more than anyone else in the industry.  We want our people to stay so compensation and benefits are important.

For these reasons and many more, the best Professional Cleaners in Georgia call It's Maid Day their home.  

Big $ Bonuses for Quality

Quality Bonus

Earn bonuses if you get no complaints in 3 months.  $100, the first time, $500 the next 3 times in a year.  That's a total of $1,600 a year in bonuses.  We already pay more than any other maid service, and on top of that, we reward cleaners who perform at the highest level.  We will teach you how to avoid complaints.  Once you learn, it becomes easy to earn bonuses every 3 months.  These cleaners earned $500 bonuses and so can you.

Jaleesa $500 1st time.png
Kathy N $500.jpg
Michelle P $500 A.jpg