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Sample Pricing & Coupons

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These prices are base/starting prices for:  2 people living in home, no pets and ½ floors are carpeted.  Prices can increase based on number of residents, bathrooms, pets, % of carpeted floors, and condition of the home.   $120 minimum price.

Custom Build your Cleaning: remove rooms, entire floors, different cleaning plans, and frequencies.  Have fun with it.  No registration required.  Then use a coupon for our deepest discounts.

Deep Discount Coupons

Save $100 on new Recurring Service

$50 off Spring Cleaning & $25 off first two Recurring Services

There is no better way to start recurring service than with a Spring Cleaning...and here is one of our biggest incentives.  Start service with our standard low priced Spring Clean and we will take $50 off your Spring Cleaning and $25 off your first two recurring cleanings. That's $100 of total savings.


If your home has not had a Spring Cleaning in the last year, you are probably due for one. Coupon is void and invalid on any skipped or canceled service.  New customers only.  Cannot be combined with any other offers.

$50 off Spring Cleaning

$25 off Occasional Deluxe

New Customers only.  Must be redeemed when setting up new service. 

Limited Time Offer, act now to lock in your savings.

$50, $75 or $100 Video Coupon

Let us film a training video in your home

We are currently looking for these conditions for future training videos:

  • Move-Out Cleaning - Wire racks in a closet that have heavy dust

  • Spring Cleaning or Move-Out - Baseboards that are dusty and dirty

  • Spring Cleaning or Move-Out - Dusty Ceiling fans (dust is almost dripping off the fan)

  • Spring Cleaning or Move-Out - Shower has heavy soap scum AND heavy stains


Please note:  If you have 1 of these conditions we will reduce your cleaning by $50.  If you have 2, we will reduce your cleaning price by $75.  If you have 3 or more of these conditions we will reduce the price by $100.  You will need to send pictures of these areas before we clean the home as not all conditions will make a good video.  You will have to sign a waiver allowing us to post the training video on YouTube.  We never give out customer names or addresses in the video description or anywhere in the video.

FREE CLEANING - Refer a Recurring Customer

Refer someone to It’s Maid Day for Recurring Service and earn a FREE RECURRING CLEANING.


  • Simply tell your “referral” to mention YOUR NAME when we ask them, “How did you hear about It’s Maid Day?"

  • Your Referral Reward is earned after the 3rd recurring cleaning of new customer’s home.

  • There is no limit to the number of Referral Rewards.

  • New customers only.  No prior service.

  • Coupon good for active recurring customers only.

  • Cannot be combined with other offers

15% off Spring Cleaning - Recurring Customers

Recurring Customers get 15% off  Spring Cleanings anytime after 90 days of recurring service.


Most people get a Spring Cleaning once a year, but with this coupon, you can get a discounted Spring Cleaning anytime you want or need one.   Before or After big parties, or whenever you want your home looking it's best, this cleaning wet wipes baseboards, blinds, doors, and, all cabinets.  Your home will sparkle.

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