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Our Maids are W-2 employees.  Scroll down to see the table comparing different maid services and the Quality advantages of using It's Maid Day and the risks of using 1099 labor as found with most maid service companies.

Most maid companies use 1099 labor, and all independent cleaners, including those found on search sites, use 1099 labor.  Get proof if Maids are Employees or 1099 labor.  


The only proof is an insurance certificate showing work comp coverage.  Here is our certificate.  Click Here

Homeowners can be liable for any accidents or injuries, even if you go through a company if they use 1099 labor.  You are reminded of that every time you drive the streets of Atlanta and see billboards, "Have you been injured?"

Click here for the details of "Court Case A-176-597" or Google Search it yourself.   1099 maid working through a Maid Company, fell and injured herself.  The homeowner was held liable even though he used a maid company.  

The law also limits the amount of  Quality Control that can be used with 1099 contract labor, whether you work with an independent cleaner or a maid service using 1099 labor.  Click here for the DOL notice.


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