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Click the "Checklist" link to see the 70 areas we clean and check.  


Need something special?  We are happy to modify any cleaning package to fit your needs. 



Spring Clean

Hand washing the exterior of all Cabinets in the Kitchen and Bathrooms. Continue hand washing all Window Blinds, Window Sills, Baseboards, Doors, Door Frames and much more.  


Most recurring customers start with a Spring Cleaning to tackle tougher conditions like getting out heavy soap scum or mold in showers and tubs.


Spring Cleans are great before the holidays, special occasions or anytime you want your home to look its best.  We recommend getting your home "Spring Cleaned" at least once a year. 

Spring Clean Checklist
Deluxe Clean

This is our most popular Recurring Service plan. We touch everything, in every room, unless you select to remove a room or a floor

Deluxe Checklist
CORE Clean

A CORE cleaning focuses on the hardest areas to clean in your home.   We clean the Kitchen, All Bathrooms, All Floors throughout the home, plus one additional room of  your choosing. Customers often choose the Family Room or Master Bedroom. This plan is discounted 20% below our Deluxe Clean.


Please click on the link for important details about this popular package.

Details about CORE cleaning
Blocks of Time

Some customers have unique cleaning needs that don't require our full list of cleaning tasks.  For these customers, "Blocks of Time" is a perfect solution.  You can hire our highly trained maids at an hourly rate and we will work on your priority list.

Important Details about Blocks of Time

This is a deep clean for homes that are empty due to home owners moving out of a home or just before they move in.  It is similar to a Spring Clean except we also clean the inside of cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms.  We also clean the inside of refrigerators and dishwashers.  See our entire list by clicking on the checklist used for this cleaning.

Move-In/Out Checklist
Last Minute Club

Save 40% off standard prices with "Last Minute Club"


Our goal is to keep our people busy and it's worth a deep discount if we can fill a vacancy on a last minute basis. Book same day service and save 40%. Book service between 3:00 and 5:00 for the next day, and save 25%.

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