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This page is a great resource for all employees to find information and stay informed.  Click a topic from the menu below to get details on that topic.   

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401(k) overview

Watch this brief but informative video.  Click HERE


Some highlights of a Qualified 401k Retirement plan are:

  • Your contribution is your money

  • You can set aside 1-92% of your gross wages

  • You choose how much to contribute and where it is invested

  • You can change this information whenever you choose

  • You are eligible once you reach the age of 18 years old and have been with the company for 2 months.

  • You can access your money before retirement

    • 401k plans will allow you to take a loan from yourself – and you pay yourself back interest

    • Purchase of a home

    • Education

401(k) How to Enroll

Watch a short video on how to enroll in the 401(k)  

After you watch this video, log into your Paychex account to start the process of enrolling in your 401(k)

Watch a short video on managing your 401(k)  

Initial Enrollment in Paychex

Paychex Overview of the enroll in benefits and initial enrollment in their system

You must complete your enrollment no later than Monday or your paycheck will be delayed.


View this video in full-screen mode so you can see the forms and follow along.

Bulletin Board

7/25/2022 Open Enrollment for new benefits with Paychex

We are moving from FrankCrum to Paychex starting August 15th.  Your final paycheck from FrankCrum will be on Friday, 8/19/2022.

During the week of July 25th, we will have a 1-hour paid meeting at each office to review the new benefits and prices.  They are similar to what we had with FrankCrum but with an easier enrollment process.

All elections must be completed by 8/1/2022.  Each employee who is eligible (60 days of employment) will receive an email from Paychex with everything you need to enroll.  If you are having problems accessing the system with your phone, tablet, or home computer, let your Area Manager know and you can use the computer in the office.

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