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This page is a great resource for all employees to find information and stay informed.  Click a topic from the menu below to get details on that topic.   


Bulletin Board

3/10/2022   Gap Pay added to Employee Handbook.   Updated handbook added to this page's link to the employee handbook. 

12/27/2021   Welcome to our new Employee Resources page.  This page is your primary resource for any questions about your job.  Let us know if we need to add anything else to this page.  Our goal is to have everything in writing so we can be clear on what is required and the benefits we provide.

We will use this bulletin board for any company-wide communication like office closures including snow days, bad weather, or anything that affects all of our employees.

We added information (in the menu above) about the new shorter isolation and quarantine periods released yesterday by the CDC.  We adhere and follow all rules set by the CDC

This page will eventually require you to sign-up for access.  We will post another bulletin when you start requiring logging in with a password.  For now, this page does not require a password.

12/27/2021  We updated our Employee Handbook with more examples of Drive Time pay, as well as Guarantee Pay.  Click the link for the handbook and read pages 5-9.  These additional examples include getting locked out of a home or last-minute customer cancelations.  The examples include a more detailed formula on how we calculate drive time pay.  If you have any questions after reviewing these pages please direct those directly to Bruce at 404-596-5288.

12/26/2021  We are no longer paying a bonus for employees that get vaccinated.  This was a one-time offer back in the summer of 2021.  Although our bonus program has ended, there are many advantages to getting vaccinated and getting booster shots.  As of this date, if you are fully vaccinated, you do not have to quarantine if exposed to someone with COVID 19, as long as you are within 6 months of being fully vaccinated or getting a booster shot.

All Employee Meeting Notes


This section will contain all the notes for the All-Employee meetings held once a week.  If you happen to miss the meeting you can get a general overview of what was discussed during the meeting.

Click week to see the pdf page of the notes

  • Week of 12/27/2021 (example only - Dead Link)